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Via BuzzFeed

Watch Isabella Rossellini Have Sex With A Whale (video)

Ever wanted to see Isabella Rossellini dressed up in a fat suit, sporting a six foot strap-on penis, and having simulated sex with a whale puppet? Me either.

And what would David Lynch say?

I mean, seriously, what’s the point? You run 1:35 of credits for 1:25 of content.

Times are tough. Give this money to somebody or something that needs it.

This video really fucking pisses me off.

2 comments to Watch Isabella Rossellini Have Sex With A Whale (video)

  • Steph

    I’d just like to say that these short films are a fantastic approach to educating people. They’re short because today people have short attention spans. You need to get over yourself and appreciate that this truely a unique experience and I applaud her for not making the costumes into some skank fest as though it were a Halloween dress up!

  • ipc2000

    You know, now that I go back and read this post: Steph, you might be right. A bit too harsh. Perhaps?

    In terms of them being educational and somewhat ingeniously short. I’ve got few arguments with you. And I’ve got no problems with it being a non “skank fest.”

    A little self indulgent and pretentious…I’ll have to stand by that assertion, though.

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