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    Today’s Dachshund (6/11/09) – R.I.P. Killer: A Wiener Dog Victim Of Police Brutality?

    Killer was gunned down in the road by a Danville, Va. police officer (Richmond Times Dispatch)

    Killer was gunned down in the road by a Danville, Va. police officer (Richmond Times Dispatch)

    Shocking and disturbing news today from the United States, where, Killer, an 11 year-old miniature dachshund, died after being gunned down in the street by a Danville, Virginia police officer.

    According to Police Chief Philip Broadfoot, the unnamed officer who pulled the trigger was serving warrants to Killer’s neighbors when he “was surprised by a growling dog running through the yard directly at him from the rear, leaving him with just seconds to consider his options.”

    Broadfoot went on to add that those options included distracting the dog, using a baton, pepper spray, or, of course, a sidearm.

    Apparently common sense is not an option available to Danville police officers. It’s an 11 year-old miniature wiener dog attacking a grown man police officer! Just grab it by the back of the neck perhaps.

    According to neighbors, Killer was a mild-mannered house dog. “He just kind of walked up and down the neighborhood and didn’t bother anybody,” said one neighbor.

    The officer and his supervisor both expressed remorse over the death, but that won’t bring killer back.

    When Killer’s owner, Tawaiin Harper, was asked if he’d consider getting another dog, he replied, “You can’t replace Killer. He’s one of a kind. I’m still trying to soak it in because the dog had been with us so long. He was a family member. They took a family member away.”

    The Danville police department‘s phone number is (434) 799-6510 and their email address is danvillepd@ci.danville.va.us

    The address:
    City of Danville
    Police Department
    427 Patton St.
    Danville, VA 24541

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