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    Via BuzzFeed

    Japanese Commercials Featuring Whales (Not Being Slaughtered In The Name Of Science).

    Maybe, I’m being harsh. I mean, USA is the land of cows in Chick-Fil-A commercials.

    But anyways. In this first commercial from the Japanese Ad Council, a pupil is told by his teacher “Today, draw anything comes up in your mind.” (I neither translated nor added the closed captioning). Most of the kids draw bunnies or cats or Ultramans and shit, but this one kid just draws a big BLACK. You’ll have to watch the whole thing for yourself to see how it ends, but I suspect he’s crazy because of all the mercury in the dolphin and whale meat they feed him in school.

    Secondly, Boss is a brand of Japanese canned coffee. You can get it in NYC at almost any Japanese market. A while back, Super Punch blog (which is actually pretty cool and has some really cool stuff tagged whale) posted on a Boss ad that features heavy whale imagery. Still below, but you gotta go to the agency site to see the whole thing in glorious video.

    Whales, Whales, Whales…Moby Dick Twittered (Tweeted?) And The Soviets Are Still Evil

    Translation from Chinese (I think): “Not all traditions deserve to be preserved. Put an end to whaling in Japan.”

    Translation from Chinese (I think): “Not all traditions deserve to be preserved. Put an end to whaling in Japan.”

    New from the world of whales:

    • Another list (with pictures) of graphic and/or disturbing environmentalist press campaigns (Trendhunter)
    • J2, a killer whale in Puget Sound is over 100 years old…that’s almost 4 “Kurt Cobain’s” (Seattle PI)
    • It took 9.5 months and 12,849 updates to Tweet Moby Dick, now…on to Alice in Winderland (Publicdomain Twitter)
    • “Scientists have documented the first known migration of blue whales from the coast of California to areas off British Columbia and the Gulf of Alaska since the end of commercial whaling in 1965.” (Del Mar Times)
    • New paper from the NOAA shows that the Soviet Union killed more than 200,000 whales illegally between 1947 and 1973. It also says the Soviets are responsible for the extinction of eastern Pacific right whale populations. (Discovery)
    • Aussie government cuts $300,000 Special Envoy on Whaling job (News.com.au)
    • Scientists use both ancient and modern methods to determine that in the past there were more fish and whales than there are now (Guardian)

    “Optus: Whale Song” Commercial Will Give You Goosebumps So Bad That You’ll (Hopefully) Purchase Something Optus Related

    Optus might be more than a mobile service in Australia, but I know for a fact it’s a mobile service in Australia, because that’s what my blackberry randomly found while I was there. People everywhere who believe advertising can aspire to the level of art are slapping themselves on the back over this latest Optus campaign in which an orchestra on a barge “communicates” with some whales.

    The commercial was produced by M&C Saatchi in Sydney, and, no, this didn’t really happen. Just read this quote from Ben Welsh, executive creative director, M&C Saatchi Sydney.

    It’s a form of communication that the scientists at The University of Queensland have been able to decipher and learn. I was intrigued by this fact and so we asked ourselves whether it would be possible to emulate a male humpback: to write our own love song and then play it, using the instruments of an orchestra? Could we serenade a humpback ourselves? Then imagine what could happened if the whales were to hear our song. We thought that would prove that when it comes to communication, anything is possible.