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    Via BuzzFeed

    U.S. Government Might Add False Killer Whales To Endangered Species List

    False Killer Whales Are Actually Real Dolphins

    False Killer Whales Are Actually Real Dolphins

    A small population of false killer whales that live near Hawaii might be added to the endangered species list by the U.S. Government. False killer whales look like killer whales, but they are actually black dolphins that grow can grow to 16 feet and weigh more than a ton.

    Proponents of the listing believe that the local fishing industry deplete food stocks while accidentally capturing the false killer whales.

    South Africans Remove Dead Bodies Of 55 Beached False Killer Whales

    Rescuers in South Africa Attempt To Get Stranded False Killer Whales To Return To The Sea

    Rescuers in South Africa Attempt To Get Stranded False Killer Whales To Return To The Sea

    Forty-four of the 55 false killer whales beached in South Africa over the weekend had to be euthanized (shot in the brain), while the remainder died of organ failure or stress.

    Hundreds of volunteers in wetsuits had tried to get the false killer whales to return to the ocean, but the whales inexplicably kept returning to the beach.

    Once it was determined by the environmental affairs department that the whales needed to be put down, scuffles broke out with distraught locals who claimed officials lacked contingency plans to save the whales.

    Officials later issued a warning to surfers to be on the lookout for great white sharks being drawn closer to shore in search of vulnerable whales or carcasses.

    It’s not entirely known why whales strand themselves on beaches, but some people believe that naval sonar is one of the many potential culprits. However, the South African navy has rejected claims that it might have led to the stradnings, saying that ships used in nearby exercises weren’t even equipped with radar.

    The Whale Watch: Other Whale-Related Matters From Around The Globe

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