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    Today’s Dachshund – A Wiener Dog Mural From Frank In Austin

    Submitted by reader Bo Williams! This is on the wall of a restaurant called Frank in Austin, TX.


    My wife’s been asking what I want to do for father’s day…well, now that’s settled.

    Today’s Dachshund (1/17/10) – Pink Crochet Wiener Dig That Someone Posted To A Message Board

    Nice work!

    Today’s Dachshund (12/9/09) – This “Sun Warmed Wiener Dog” Painting Smolders With The Warmth Of The Sun

    Sun Warm Wiener Dog Dachshund by V...Vaughn

    Sun Warm Wiener Dog Dachshund by V...Vaughn

    This 5 in. x 5 in. painting by V…Vaughn can be yours for only $190.

    Today’s Dachshund (11/12/09) – I Hearby Declare These Stuff Wiener Dogs To Be…Awesome

    I don’t know if this person is selling them or not. More pics here.

    This stuffed wiener dog is awesome

    This stuffed wiener dog is awesome

    Today’s Wiener Dog (10/22/09) – The Hallo-Wiener Wiener Dog Related Halloween Book (merch)

    Ms. E, a school librarian, posts on her blog that she plans to read “The Hallo-wiener” to students this week. It’s the story of Oscar the Wiener Dog who dresses up like a hot dog on Halloween. Another wiener dog idea I should’ve had before someone else, in this case, Dave Pilkey.

    Today’s Wiener Dog (10/21/09) – Killer Wiener Dog Comic Art From DieToonDie.com

    This is some rather excellent wiener dog-related art from DieToonDie.com (a web site that appears to use the very same exact wordpress skin as WAWD).

    Today’s Dachshund (10/4/09) – Stretch The Scroll Saw Puzzle Wiener Dog

    Stretch the Dachshund

    Stretch the Dachshund

    I came across ol’ Stretch on the scroll saw blog.

    Today’s Dacshund (9/5/09) – Count Wiener Dog-u-la

    Also known as “doxula” – the above wiener dog is the creation of wiener dog artist Terry Pond, who’s lately been posting a “Doxie Doodle of the Day” on herWeiner-dog blog.

    She offers up a pretty much endless selection of Wiener Dog-related art in her cafe press store.

    Today’s Dacshund (9/4/09) – The Wiener Dog Painting I Just Bought For My Kid’s Room

    Its a painting of a wiener dog

    It's a painting of a wiener dog

    Get yours here.

    Today’s Dacshund (9/2/09) – A Fine Art Etch A Sketch Wiener Dog

    Etch A Wiener

    Etch A Wiener

    This is the first time I’ve publicly shown this particular item from my private collection.

    The wiener dog on the above etch a sketch was drawn, or etched if you will, by a well known NYC artist whose work has been shown in the Museum of Modern Art. However, you’ll have to pardon me for not divulging his name, as this work was commissioned as a favor for a friend of his, who then gave it to me in return for yet another favor.

    As you can see, I keep this wiener dog displayed in front of a whaling-related piece, a copy of the Whalemen’s Shipping List and Merchant Transcript from 1873.

    I didnt pay 90 bucks for that Whaling-related newspaper, btw

    I didn't pay 90 bucks for that Whaling-related newspaper, btw