Michael Vick: Is He a Criminal for Promoting Dog Fighting?

I don't know why anyone would promote dog fighting? Hang on yes I do for the shear money or strange enjoyment of watching animals rip into each other or even just to watch the blood shed? That is not only criminal but also cruel!

I honestly would not wish that kind of cruelty and treatment on any dog or even human being. What was he thinking? A successful person would not need the money, so I am afraid to think about the things running through his head for why he would promote such a thing which is in my opinion not a sport, not just because the animals do not choose to do it but also because these are animals and should not be compared to the sports that humans devise for themselves.

In general their is a consensus too on whether a human activity will become a sport at all. There is no consensus with dog fighting for a reason. That reason is because it is cruel to the animal and can not be controlled as well as human sports. Even those kinds of sports deserve some scrutiny. Dogs can be the kindest and most gentle creatures but they are dependent on us for the right directions. Those that train them for battles and for attacks are seriously disturbed to want to see that kind of blood shed. You can never glorify it or the death of an innocent dog that could have had the chance to live with care and love.

Perhaps their lives are not as important as some like himself would like to think but I can promise you that the majority of people who can distinguish between wrong and right will disagree with you.

Human Grade Dog Food

Why should pet owners consider human grade dog foods for their companions? As might be expected, the main reason is the huge difference between the quality of most pet foods and human grade foods. With the obvious goal of a long, healthy life for one's pet, making the choice to feed her human grade foods is the first step.


Major Brand Dog Food Ingredients

Studies and comparisons over the last several years have resulted in growing concerns over the contents of most major brand dog foods and even many premium foods. Packaged pet foods are only a few decades old. They were developed shortly after K-rations were devised so that soldiers could eat reasonably nourishing foods on the battlefield.

Food distributors recognized that what remained after the human grade parts were used would either have to be thrown away or used for another purpose. The concept of using the leftover foodstuffs for pet food was born. Unfortunately, those pieces and parts often include such delectable treats as entrails, the carcasses of animals that died from disease, chicken parts such as beaks and feet, and even euthanized companion pets. Dogs, for example, could be eating dogs.


How to Avoid Those Ingredients

Poor nutrition is not the only factor that results from using most grocery store pet foods. Over the last few decades, the lifespan of the average domestic dog has been reduced by almost ten years. Pets are now getting the same diseases as people, and treatments are costly. Fortunately, there are dozens of quality pet foods available, foods made with human grade ingredients, no dyes or chemical additives, and plenty of what is good for your pet. You can find high quality pet foods, holistic foods, natural foods, healthy vegetarian diets for your pet, and even delicious and nutritional treats for your dog. Shop online, talk to your veterinarian, or go to a pet food store and ask for foods made from human grade ingredients.

Bulldog Travel Accessories

Bulldog travel accessories can make a long trip much more manageable for your pet. Some dogs like to travel, others don't; it's impossible to determine how any given dog will react. The most important factor when it comes to pet travel is making sure your dog is as well-equipped as possible for the journey ahead.

If you're traveling by air with your bulldog, you will need to contact the airline in advance in order to ensure compliance with all pet travel rules. Once you've figured out the rules and regulations, try looking for a bulldog-friendly flight. Dogs don't like to wait at connecting cities any more than people do. Attempt to secure an uninterrupted flight, especially if your bulldog is going to be on an airplane for the first time.

Bulldog Travel Accessories: The Interior

Bulldog travel accessories really show their worth once everyone is already on the plane. You should find a pet kennel that allows your puppy at least some range of movement. Your bulldog should be able to turn around in his or her cage during the flight.

Other bulldog travel accessories include water dispensation units and name tags. You may also want to put some lining on the bottom of the carrier in order to prevent leakage. Your dog shouldn't leave too much of an impression while traveling the skies.

The Dog Days of Dog Poems

I would definitely say that we are heading towards the dog days of summer. Therefore, since I love dogs and my family had a dog before I was born, I think that writing poems about dogs in celebration of National Dog Day on August 26th is a creative and perfect way to pay tribute to "man's best friend". Dogs play a large part in people's lives and dogs become a part of the family. Dogs are candids, that's short for canine kids. I have lost two very special dogs within the last two years and I must say that Coco Puff and Precious Bear were dogs worthy of a poem for National Dog Day. Therefore, here is a poem that expresses my feelings of love for them.

C: is for cuddly apricot and white poodle
O: is for her nose that resembled an olive
C: is for the ceramics shop where we got her
O: is for her favorite month, October; she loved pumpkin pie even though she never ate it.

P: is for having the cutest little punim; Yiddush for cute little face.
U: is for under the table She would sit there while we ate dinner.
F: is for all the fun she had with us
F: is French poodle

P: is for precious
R: is for rug Rug was Precious Bear's nickname because she looked like a bear rug when she would lie on the floor.
E: is for eat She wasn't a picky eater,
C: is for cute
I: is for ice cream She loved doggie ice cream
O: is for orange. I wanted to dress her up as a pumpkin for Thanksgiving
U: under the table She always waited for us to drop food at dinner
S: is for smile She brought a smile to my face.

B: is for big
E: is for energetic
A: is for awesome
R: is for ruff

Puppy Potty Training

Puppy potty training is something that everyone with a new fuzzy bundle of joy wants to know how to do effectively. This is for a good reason. You don't want to have to be cleaning up little surprises around the house for years. No, you would prefer not to do this for more than a few months. With the right training program, you can achieve this goal. You will be able to leave your puppy without worry of having your carpet turn another color while you were gone.

Puppies are a wonderful addition to any home. They will steal attention from everyone and everything. When I was nine and my family got a golden retriever, I never wanted to do anything else except play with him. I didn't care about eating or sleeping unless I could be with my dog at the same time. The only time I didn't want to be with him, however, was when he chose to eliminate indoors. This is where his puppy potty training came in.

My dad pretty much did the entire puppy potty training, thank goodness. I paid close attention, however, and what happened was amazing. Not only would my dog wait to eliminate until he was outside, he would only go number one in the backyard and would wait until we took him on a walk to go number two. He also became slightly calmer, that is except for when we took off his leash. Once he was potty trained, he never eliminate inside unless he was sick and we were not home.

Puppy Potty Training for Your Sanity

When you first get a puppy, you must potty train him. This is for your sanity and the benefit of the puppy. Sure, it may take a few months to fully train your dog, but those few months will pay off for the next few years. You won't have to worry about your dog leaving little "gifts" for you. It is an automatic instinct to punish your puppy when he has eliminated where he isn't supposed to. With training for both you and your puppy, you will learn how to handle every situation effectively.

Bulldog Care

Bulldog care is a multifaceted activity. There are so many different elements that go into making a bulldog happy and healthy that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Don’t despair–any steps taken towards bulldog awareness and care will be greatly appreciated by the dog in question.

One of the most common problems affecting bulldogs is that of ventilation. Bulldogs don’t sweat like people, and cool themselves down primarily by panting. Such is the way of dogs. Bulldogs, however, are at a disadvantage when compared to most canines. A bulldog’s snout is quite a lot shorter than that of the average dog, leading to less cooling by way of ventilation.

Bulldog Care: Overheating

As such, any program dealing with bulldog care should include a section about overheating. Overheating can be dealt with in a number of ways. One of the best ways to cool off a bulldog is to equip the dog with a dog cooler. These vest-like products provide relief from the heat without actually getting the dog wet.

Of course, if you don’t mind the smell of wet dog, then you can simply use the garden hose. If, however, you’d rather spare yourself the sight and scent of a drenched bulldog, make a dog cooler a part of your bulldog care routine. bandanas are also available that possess similar cooling properties.

Stranded Whale Blown Up With Explosives off the Coast of W.A.

In late August 2010, a 12-tonne, 9.5-metre humpback whale became stranded 800m from shore in the Princess Harbor Albany, Australia. The terminally ill whale had barely moved since it became stranded two weeks prior, and managing director for the Whale Research Center in W.A. said that while it was unpleasant, for the sake of the animal, it needed to be euthanized.

Because of the whale’s massive size, putting it out of its misery with firearms was not an option, so wildlife officers positioned several explosives around the whale, which they then detonated.

An increasing number of whales are becoming stranded along the Western Australian coast, believed to be due to population growth. For other reasons why whales become stranded, read Why do Whales Beach Themselves.


Whale Euthanized in Jurien Bay, Australia

This is not the first time explosives have been used to euthanize a beached whale. In 2008, a 10-metre, 15-tonne juvenile humpback whale became stranded in the shallow waters of Jurien Bay, Western Australia. When the animal’s condition worsened, environmental officers detonated explosives near its brain to euthanize it.

Disposing of Whale Carcasses by Blowing Them Up

The Oregon Department of Transportation used explosives to try and dispose of a whale carcass back in 1970. While the incident happened years ago, an embellished version occasionally pops up in email form, sometimes shocking readers who believe it to be current news. In addition to inboxes, the story also resurfaces occasionally in newspapers and other print media and even on television.

During the incident, a 3-by-5-foot piece of blubber flew through the air and landed on, and crushed a Buick. This aspect is more than likely what makes the story seem unbelievable and considered an ‘urban legend’ but it did actually happen.

The real story is that the 8-tonne, 45-foot long sperm whale washed up in the Pacific Ocean south of Florence, and as the body decomposed, it stunk up the beach. The Oregon Highway Division decided to dispose of the body by blowing it up, believing that the seagulls would eat the remainders. They realized that burying the carcass would not work long term as the tide would soon uncover it.

The plan didn’t go quite as smoothly as hoped as some of the chunks of whale went flying towards onlookers instead of towards the ocean. The spectators were showered with small pieces of rotting flesh, and while no one was hurt, a large chunk of blubber severely damaged a car. The highway division then buried the remnants.

One other case where a whale carcass was blown up, occurred in 1937 when two men isolated at a lighthouse observed a shark and seabird feeding frenzy and the undeniable stench of rotting flesh. The whale had washed up due to a recent storm and the two men decided to rig explosives to dispose of the carcass. Also in the Pacific Ocean, in 1979 when a pod of 41 sperm whales washed up on shore, State Park officials disposed of the carcasses by burning them before burying the charred remains.

Dog Friendly Sarasota Florida

Whether planning a weekend getaway, or week long family vacation, Sarasota, Florida is a perfect escape-from-it-all if you are looking for relaxation, excitement, and enjoyment with your four-legged friends.

Conveniently located on Florida's central west coast, Sarasota provides easy access to other key state-wide destinations, yet offering you the freedom to relax and avoid the hassles of residing in more densely populated tourist towns.

Some of the best beaches in the country are located in the Sarasota region, including Siesta Key Beach and Lido Beach. There are so many wonderful walking trails along the bay front, as well as in the historic districts, making for scenic excursions and enjoyable exercise, while exploring all the eclectic shoppes, galleries, outdoor sculptures, and entertainment.

St. Armand's Circle was definitely a favorite stop during my recent visit. You can easily enjoy an entire day here roaming the pedestrian-and-pet-friendly mall, taking in all of the sights, sounds, and smells of this unique area.

Nightlife in the downtown section of Sarasota offers something for everyone, from Jazz to Reggae, Swing to Symphonies, you can truly dance to the beat of your own drummer. They even offer public drum circles on the beach at sunset, where you may even spot a belly dancer or two reveling in the white sands and cool Gulf breezes.

Dogs love to frolic at the 17th Street Paw Park for some off-leash fun times, or at Bay Front Park where a leash is required. You can also drop by Bird Key Park which is located on the John Ringling Causeway, where your pooch can paddle the surf with you or enjoy a short walk/run along the half-mile waterway bridge.

Sarasota is great if you appreciate nature! Take in the spectacular sights of the area's beautiful botanical gardens, or go bird watching by the bay. Boat cruises and day tours abound, which are lovely for sightseeing or fishing.

See a different, delightful side of Florida; one that accommodates your family, including the fur babies! You will be pleasantly surprised by Sarasota.

Vancouver Island Whale Watching: British Columbia Boats Watch Migratory Whales

The experience of seeing huge animals in their natural environment increases public awareness of marine conservation issues.

Many people spend part of their leisure time watching whales, and several locations on Vancouver Island (British Colombia) provide excellent opportunities. Tofino, Ucluelet and Victoria are among the best.

Tofino and Ucluelet Whales

Between February and April the Gray Whales migrate past Tofino and Ucluelet, and resident pods remain around Clayoquot Sound until November. Humpback Whales can be seen at any time, but most pass through during the late spring on their way north, and again in the fall as they move back south. There are a number of pods of ‘Transient’ Killer Whales (Orca) – the ones that eat other whales. These are unpredictable, but come through every week or so.

Victoria Whales

There are three pods of ‘Resident’ Killer Whales that can be seen from Victoria. These are the ones that eat fish, and since their behaviour is fairly predictable (and there are over 90 of them) they are seen regularly throughout the year – whenever the weather allows! Gray Whales and Humpbacks also pass through the straits occasionally.

Zodiac or Cruiser

Wherever you choose to watch whales from a boat there will be an important decision to be made – do you want speed and flexibility, or do you lean towards comfort! Racing around in a ‘Zodiac’ inflatable is fun, but the ride can be rough and usually very wet. Cruisers give protection from the weather, but will not be able to ‘race off’ in quite the same way. Sometimes the weather will dictate the choice, but more often it is a question of personal choice (and maybe self-image!). Those of a ‘certain age’ might well opt for comfort, while the ‘alpha males’ will decide that a windswept drenching is more appropriate!

The Whale Watching Experience

All reputable companies regard the safety and welfare of the whales as paramount, equal to the comfort and well-being of their clients. (Apart from very sound conservation and humanitarian concerns, it would not make any sense to chase away the very source of income!). Seeing any animal in the wild adds a dimension to simply seeing it in a zoo, and is far removed from looking at pictures. Coming close to a huge whale that is behaving naturally in its own environment is an amazing experience – one that instils respect and leads on to a desire to ‘know more’. As more and more people become aware of the conservation issues that surround whales there is an ever-growing proportion of the general public that is concerned about the way we regard and treat the marine environment. This can only be a good thing!

Dog Breed – Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is an extremely large, strong dog. Even though they are so large, they are one of the friendliest and gentle breeds. This dog just wants to please their owner. They make great family pets.

The Saint Bernard is a very old breed. It has been around since around the year 1000. It is thought that monks crossed an ancient mastiff with the Great Pyrenees and the Great Dane. In the seventeenth century, this dog was used mainly as a rescue dog in the snow. More than 2,000 people have been saved by the Saint Bernard!

When the dog is used for rescue purposes, they train it to search out missing people and then lick the person and lie next to them in order to provide them with warmth. The dogs travel together, so after they find the person, one of the dogs then goes back to get help. The Saint Bernard has such a strong sense of smell that they have been known to find people buried deep under the snow.

I’m sure it’s obvious to see that the Saint Bernard is very intelligent. They can be trained easily. However, if you own a Saint Bernard, it is very important that you train them at a young age while the dog is still small. They can be hard to manage if they get to be full grown and are not properly trained.

Another interesting fact about the Saint Bernard is that they seem to have a sixth sense. They know when there is danger and also can tell when there are avalanches or storms coming. Nobody knows how they know, but they do. They are great about warning their owners to potential dangers.

Saint Bernards make great family pets. They are very tolerant of children, gentle, friendly, patient, obedient, and loyal. This dog just loves to be with its family and therefore, doesn’t like to be kept outdoors.

If you own this breed, it is important that they get enough exercise. They need a long walk every day and it’s best if you have a yard for them. However, be careful when they are outside because they do not do well in hot weather. This breed is used to being in the snow and does not tolerate heat very well.

The Saint Bernard is a very healthy dog overall, but there are some health problems that you should be aware of if you’re thinking of getting one. They are prone to heart problems, hip dysplasia, skin problems, and twisted stomach.

If you take good care of your dog, he can live to be about ten years old. Just make sure that you train and socialize this breed at a young age. If you do, you will have a fantastic pet and companion.