Nine Manners Musts for Dog-friendly Restaurant Guests

Pet-friendly dining is popular in many cities, particularly in warm-weather months, as food may be served outdoors.

Increasingly, dog owners are taking their canine companions along on road trips, vacations and other jaunts. Fitness enthusiasts may stop for sodas, snacks or meals while exercising their pets. Professional dog walkers and private owners enjoy nabbing a nosh during a daily walk.

Many brasseries, cafes, coffee shops, grills, pubs and other eateries now offer outdoor seating, where patrons may dine al fresco with their furry friends. With this happy trend comes a new set of responsibilities for pet handlers.

What rules of etiquette apply to dining with dogs?

Proper pet behavior in a sidewalk cafe, dockside diner or other outdoor venue for vittles depends in large part upon the handler's own demeanor. Here are nine manners musts for guests at dog-friendly restaurants, either indoors or out.

  1.  Find pet-friendly restaurants before you go.

Not all restaurants welcome animals, of course, although a growing number do invite guests to eat outdoors with their domesticated creatures. It pays to investigate in advance. Check website listings for eateries that welcome Whippets, Weimaraners or other dogs.

Helpful sites include Bring Fido, Dog Friendly, and Pet Friendly Travel.

  1.  Call ahead.

Restaurant rules change, so dog-loving diners need to ask before showing up with a Terrier or Toy Poodle in tow.

  1.  Tend to your own dog while you dine.

For safety and courtesy's sake, culinary customers need to pay constant attention to their own canine charges. That Papillon, Pekingese, or Pembroke Welsh Corgi must be kept close by and out of the way of waiters, waitresses and restaurant patrons.

A barking or whining dog is a nuisance to other diners, and must be stopped. If your Keeshond or Komondor can't stop his noisemaking, then it's time to signal your server for a doggy bag and the check, please.

A hollering pet handler, barking orders at a misbehaving dog, is also undesirable.

  1.  Leave your dog leashed in the cafe.

Even the tamest Labrador Retriever, Lhasa Apso, or Lowchen should be leashed at the table. Don't let your pet approach other diners or their dogs in the diner.

  1.  Keep your dog down.

Hygiene counts for plenty. The polite pet owner will keep her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Collie or Cairn Terrier from jumping up on her own lap or placing his paws on the restaurant table. Dogs should not sit on chairs in public eateries, but must remain quietly on the floor or ground.

  1.  Don't feed your dog at the table.

This is a perennial pet peeve, even for pet lovers. If you fling food to your Finnish Spitz or French Bulldog at home, then he will likely look for your to toss table scraps while dining out.

It is double-dog downright rude to allow a pet to lick your fork, spoon, plate or other utensil in public. Don't let your Samoyed or Shih Tzu slurp your soup or sip from your water glass, either.

Why not feed your dog before entering the restaurant?

  1.  Pick up after your own pet.

Ideally, a polite dog-friendly diner will give her pet a chance to answer nature's call in advance. If your Pug or Pointer should poop, please pick it up immediately in a plastic bag. Never put this on the table, and don't leave the dog's deposit behind for the bus staff. Take it to the trash yourself.

  1.  Offer to pay for anything your dog damages.

If your dog knocks over a vase with his wagging tail, chews a chair leg or breaks anything in the restaurant, it is polite to suggest you will pay for the repair or replacement. The manager may decline the offer, but it's courteous to extend it. Dog handlers must be prepared to pony up the payment, if required.

  1.  Only take a well-behaved dog along when you dine out.

Only the most docile and obedient dogs make courteous dining companions. An excitable, untrained or overly rambunctious canine does not belong in such an environment. If you do not trust your pet to behave properly, it might be prudent for you to pack a picnic, grab a takeout order or zip through the drive-through window of a favorite joint and tote your provisions and your pet to a park instead.

Dog Grooming Schools

Dog grooming schools can be found in most areas. They offer classes on the topics of washing and drying, use of tools, and training potential dog groomers in the different methods used with different breeds of dogs. But are they worth the money? That's the question you'll have to ask.

Questions to Ask About Dog Grooming Schools
As you search for the training program that is right for you and your specific needs, you'll have to take several factors into account before making a decision. How much time do you have each day to devote to learning dog grooming? Also, how much money do you have to spare to start your new career?

While dog grooming schools provide you with the instruction you need, the fact is that they don't fit into many people's lives very well. Many potential dog groomers are not training in the field as their first job, but as a second career, or a source of additional income. For these people, dog grooming schools are often not the best choice.

I recommend looking on the Internet to find some deals on dog grooming courses. There are lots of resources available, and most opportunities found online tend to be a little more flexible, such as distance learning or correspondence courses. Whatever option you choose, always do some research to find something that will fit your needs.

Do Dogs Have Feelings?

Debate continues within the scientific community and pet parents over how 'human' their pets really are. Ask nearly any dog or cat owner if their pet can sense emotions and they will tell you a story of how their furry friend 'knew' when they were sad or happy and reacted in a way that convinced them the animals were emoting too.

Even bigger animals like gorillas and lions have been known to bond to their human protectors and remember them even after being released into the wild, making for emotional reunions.

Researchers like Marc Bekoff say animals absolutely have passions, emotions and cognitive behavior like jealousy and anger. His retort to skeptics who want to know "how" he "knows" what animals are feeling is that researchers should "err on the side of the animals" because "what we believe about how the animals feel (effects) how we treat them".

University of Florida professor Clive Wynne disagrees. He says while many animals may appear to be reading situations and reacting, it's all an act. "You are your dog's project," Wynne says. "He really has nothing to do all day but watch your every move and try to detect even the smallest difference in your activities that could predict that something is about to happen to his benefit."

But Wynne says this shouldn't crush the dreams and hopes of some pet owners who insist their favorite animal is just as "human" as any child. Wynne looks at a concept called "dogness" in his book. Wynne says dogs may be reacting to patterns in their pet parent's behavior in order to curry favor with them as a survival instinct. However, he says that doesn't make them any less deserving of our respect and loving care. Dogs have their own special abilities and should be praised for being dogs, not humans.

Spaniel Grooming

Spaniel grooming can be a challenge, but it can also be very rewarding. Spaniels are known for their beautiful, soft, and long coats. Even so, the way spaniels are groomed is also changing to fit into family lifestyles easier. Make sure you have a conversation with the owner ahead of time and discover what kind of a look they want.


Special Spaniel Grooming Know How

There are two basic types of spaniel grooming that you can provide. Traditionally, the coat is left long, so that the "skirt" is emphasized. This type of grooming is what shows spaniels and indoor spaniel owners will often desire. It is a beautiful and elegant style, but can be very hard to maintain, especially for a family dog.

The newer spaniel grooming offers a style that is easier to take care of. The legs are trimmed more closely, and the skirt can stop anywhere, from nearly off the floor to being virtually removed. Most spaniel owners will be more concerned with your treatment of their pet's ears, as those long, beautiful ears are the trademarks of the spaniel.

In your grooming courses, you will cover spaniel grooming extensively, most likely. Even after you have mastered the spaniel, it is still a good idea to have the owner bring in a picture of what they would like their spaniel to look like. That way, there will be no confusion over what is expected, and everyone will be satisfied with the results.

Dog Skin Irritations

Dog skin irritations can range from the mild to the more serious. Dogs tend to pick up skin irritations as a matter of course. Something about being low to the ground and covered with hair seems to lend itself to minor rashes or bites. Most of these irritations will simply go away on their own.

However, there are more serious versions of such irritations. Dog skin irritations can turn into hot spots. These lesions are very sore and itchy, a fact which leads dogs to claw at them even more. Far from eradicating the lesions, this behavior only makes the problem worse.

The difference between a hot spot and a normal dog skin irritation is the fact that an infection is present when it comes to hot spots. The wound will exhibit all of the traits of an infected sore, including pus and discharge. It will also tend to get worse instead of better over time.

Dealing with Dog Skin Irritations

These dog skin irritations can be treated, but must be done so quickly in order to spare your pet as much suffering as possible. Many products are now made for the treatment of hot spots. Some of these use only all-natural ingredients, making for an effective and healthy cure. Look online for a comprehensive selection of these products. Many sites that sell such products will also offer detailed instructions regarding how best to use them.

Whale Watching In Hawaii

Whale watching in Hawaii remains one of the state's most popular activities. The reason for this is simple: There are so many varieties of colorful fish that the pastime never disappoints. Whales aside, there is much to capture a person's attention. Given this, any visitor to the islands would be well-advised to schedule some time for this exciting outing.

Perhaps the best way to do the activity justice is to clarify that whale watching in Hawaii is about a great deal more than whales. To be sure, you will see your fill of the big guys, and they make for a remarkable sight. At the same time, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Best Whale Watching in Hawaii
The best whale watching in Hawaii exposes participants to the full array of marine life on the island. Look for those lovable sea turtles and dolphins as a starting point. These charming creatures ensure that there is plenty to look at while waiting for the whales to make their appearance.

Better still is the new equipment that allows you to listen to underwater whale communication. The best whale watching in Hawaii incorporates this new technology, creating a highly educational experience. Talk to the tour guide before signing up, and inquire about which animals you are likely to see and which perks are included in the tour package.


Dog Apparel Clothing

Dog apparel clothing isn’t so very different from clothing for people. If you’ve sold fashionable dog clothing before, you’ll understand this concept. When searching through online vendors and catalogs for items you want to stock, look for the same qualities you would when you’re at your local shopping mall.

Ask yourself several questions. Is the item fashionable but not so trendy that it will be too dated to pull out again next season? Is the item easily cared for (i.e., machine or hand washable as opposed to dry clean only)?


Selecting Dog Apparel Clothing to Sell

If you’re able to answer questions like those listed above in the affirmative, the item will most likely sell. Choosing wholesale dog clothing is less of a risk than choosing clothing for people, but if you treat the process in the same way, your store will have functional and fashionable clothing–the best of both worlds.

The same questions we ask ourselves when buying clothes apply to choosing dog apparel clothing. The customer will ask herself if the item is attractive, if it’s stylish, if it’s easy to care for, and whether the price reflects good value. Even if you don’t have experience in buying and marketing dog clothes, you’ve definitely had experience shopping for and buying your own clothes and you should always draw on that experience.

Edgewater: Where the Best Dog Park is a Dog Beach

At first glance, there don't seem to be any dog parks at all in the Edgewater area of the city. There's Challenger dog park to the south, under the 'L' tracks in deep Uptown on the border of Wrigleyville, but most of the parks in Edgewater itself are focused on either kids and playground equipment or the quieter needs of older adults, like sheltered benches and landscaping. Neither ambiance is exactly well suited to the rambunctious friendliness of dogs in frolic mode.

But that's OK — just turn east and have another look. Dogs in Edgewater don't need boring old penned-off parks when they live right by the dog beaches of Lake Michigan! Just go south near Uptown, turn east on Foster, and keep going till you hit the lake. To your left you'll see the pretty, yellow-sand curve of Foster beach proper, where the humans swim when it's warm enough for our frail hides. Follow the beach north till you get to the beginning of the northern pier, however, and you'll find that the far north section of the beach is kindly reserved for dogs, who can be found romping in the waves in just about any weather conditions which will still allow for unfrozen lake water.

The dog beach is kept reasonably clean, and the beach offers restroom and refreshment facilities. Better yet, if your pup finds he's got too many pals competing for scampering space at Foster, another, bigger dog beach is just a 10-minute walk south along the lakefront, near Melrose Harbor.

The only catch is, keep your eye on the sun: generally the dog beaches close down around the same time as the people beaches, which fluctuates depending on the time of the sunset.

Dog Treats

Dog treats are wonderful items for rewarding that exceptional bulldog of yours for his or her latest feat of derring-do. After all, everyone loves treats, from humans to animals a bit further down the food chain. Many people–and, one would presume, pets–structure entire days around treats. They act as incentives and prizes at the same time, pushing people and pets to higher levels of behavior.

Many people take great care in choosing treats for themselves, putting in a lot of time looking into the latest, greatest wines, cheeses or chocolates. Dog treats should be researched in a similar manner. Many think that one treat is as good as another, a perception one's bulldog may not share.

Premium Dog Treats

Dog treats can be much more that bone-shaped cookies. If you sense your pet is tiring of the same old treats, you may want to take a gander at some of the new pet foods that are currently available. These morsels are treats not only for a dog's tongue, but for his or her system as well.

Did you ever think you'd see a day when your dog would be eating biscotti? Well, biscotti made from liver has become a hit among many bulldogs the world over. These tasty dog treats are made from carefully selected ingredients to ensure proper bulldog health and nutrition.

Play Outside at a Dog Beach

Are you looking for a great way to give your dog the attention and exercise he deserves? Try taking him to a dog beach. If you live on or near the water, chances are there is a dog beach very close to you. Most public beaches don't allow pets near the water or on the sand, but the dog beach is specifically designed with dogs in mind.

My favorite dog beach is the Pensacola dog beach located in Pensacola, Fl. This is a great place where the dogs and their owners always feel at ease. Not only is the sand surrounded by fencing, but so is the water. Your dog can run, play and swim without you having to worry about him getting lost in the waters. There are also trash cans and bags around for cleaning up after your dog. Plus, everyone there is there for their dog so the dogs can run free without disturbing anyone around them.

Dog beaches are a great way for dogs and their owners to play in the great outdoors. Beaches are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, not just the humans. Not only will your dog get a lot of fresh air and exercise, but your dog will be socializing and making friends. This is especially important if you have only one dog. Socializing your dog on a dog beach is a great way to keep your dog young and friendly.

Dog beaches are full of fun and excitement for your dog, and you will probably have a lot of fun too. Being outside with your dog is a great way for you to stay healthy and have fun. If you have not tried going to a dog beach, you should check your local area for a dog beach. Beaches are one of God's best creations and should be enjoyed by everyone!