Bulldog Hot Spot Care

Bulldog hot spot care is essential to the comfort of your pet. Hot spots can be very difficult for a dog to deal with on his or her own. In fact, it’s just about impossible for a dog to treat his or her own hot spots using only his or her own immune system. A hot spot occurs when there is too much bacteria present at the spot to enable it to heal.

Since the wound will not heal on its own, additional bulldog hot spot care is required. Of course, the best strategy is to groom a dog regularly to watch out for hot spots. In the event that one occurs, there are several things an owner can do to relieve the discomfort associated with hot spots.

Bulldog Hot Spot Care at Home

The affected area should first be trimmed to allow the hot spot to heal more rapidly. This may seem a bit counterintuitive, as hot spots often cause hair loss. Still, ridding the area of excess hair can make a noticeable difference.

Once the hot spot has been isolated, bulldog hot spot care continues with comforting sprays. All-natural sprays can relieve the itching brought on by hot spots, which will keep a dog from doing any more damage by scratching the area. Better yet, these sprays can heal hot spots in just twenty-four hours.