Canine Training

Canine training is something all new puppy owners want to know how to do effectively and quickly. You can spend hundreds of dollars to bring your dog to obedience school if you like, but I suggest you save yourself some money and just pick up a very informative book. You can spend $20 to $40 on a good book and achieve the same results.

Sometimes, when you take your dog to obedience school or you pay someone else to train your puppy, the puppy will only listen to the person who trained them. You don’t want to spend a ton of money to find out that this is the case. My father is amazing with dogs and often takes care of the dogs in our neighborhood. Some owners will ask him to help train while they are away. Well, the dog listens perfectly to my father, but isn’t so keen on doing what the owner says.

Avoid this canine training mistake and take the time you can to train your dog. Do not think that you have to be home all the time in order to train your dog effectively. There are ways to train your puppy when you are not home. You can leave your puppy in a room that you have puppy-proofed and spread with newspapers. Leave your puppy’s toys and water in there as well. This will help your puppy learn to eliminate on newspaper and not on the floor.

Continuing Canine Training

Since your puppy has no other choice but to eliminate on newspaper, he will get used to this. When you are at home, however, and want to do effective canine training so that your puppy only eliminates outside, make sure you take him out about every 45 minutes. Praise him enthusiastically when he eliminates in the places you would like. Stick to basic training very consistently and you will achieve your desired results.