Bulldog Travel Accessories

Bulldog travel accessories can make a long trip much more manageable for your pet. Some dogs like to travel, others don't; it's impossible to determine how any given dog will react. The most important factor when it comes to pet travel is making sure your dog is as well-equipped as possible for the journey ahead.

If you're traveling by air with your bulldog, you will need to contact the airline in advance in order to ensure compliance with all pet travel rules. Once you've figured out the rules and regulations, try looking for a bulldog-friendly flight. Dogs don't like to wait at connecting cities any more than people do. Attempt to secure an uninterrupted flight, especially if your bulldog is going to be on an airplane for the first time.

Bulldog Travel Accessories: The Interior

Bulldog travel accessories really show their worth once everyone is already on the plane. You should find a pet kennel that allows your puppy at least some range of movement. Your bulldog should be able to turn around in his or her cage during the flight.

Other bulldog travel accessories include water dispensation units and name tags. You may also want to put some lining on the bottom of the carrier in order to prevent leakage. Your dog shouldn't leave too much of an impression while traveling the skies.

The Dog Days of Dog Poems

I would definitely say that we are heading towards the dog days of summer. Therefore, since I love dogs and my family had a dog before I was born, I think that writing poems about dogs in celebration of National Dog Day on August 26th is a creative and perfect way to pay tribute to "man's best friend". Dogs play a large part in people's lives and dogs become a part of the family. Dogs are candids, that's short for canine kids. I have lost two very special dogs within the last two years and I must say that Coco Puff and Precious Bear were dogs worthy of a poem for National Dog Day. Therefore, here is a poem that expresses my feelings of love for them.

C: is for cuddly apricot and white poodle
O: is for her nose that resembled an olive
C: is for the ceramics shop where we got her
O: is for her favorite month, October; she loved pumpkin pie even though she never ate it.

P: is for having the cutest little punim; Yiddush for cute little face.
U: is for under the table She would sit there while we ate dinner.
F: is for all the fun she had with us
F: is French poodle

P: is for precious
R: is for rug Rug was Precious Bear's nickname because she looked like a bear rug when she would lie on the floor.
E: is for eat She wasn't a picky eater,
C: is for cute
I: is for ice cream She loved doggie ice cream
O: is for orange. I wanted to dress her up as a pumpkin for Thanksgiving
U: under the table She always waited for us to drop food at dinner
S: is for smile She brought a smile to my face.

B: is for big
E: is for energetic
A: is for awesome
R: is for ruff

Puppy Potty Training

Puppy potty training is something that everyone with a new fuzzy bundle of joy wants to know how to do effectively. This is for a good reason. You don't want to have to be cleaning up little surprises around the house for years. No, you would prefer not to do this for more than a few months. With the right training program, you can achieve this goal. You will be able to leave your puppy without worry of having your carpet turn another color while you were gone.

Puppies are a wonderful addition to any home. They will steal attention from everyone and everything. When I was nine and my family got a golden retriever, I never wanted to do anything else except play with him. I didn't care about eating or sleeping unless I could be with my dog at the same time. The only time I didn't want to be with him, however, was when he chose to eliminate indoors. This is where his puppy potty training came in.

My dad pretty much did the entire puppy potty training, thank goodness. I paid close attention, however, and what happened was amazing. Not only would my dog wait to eliminate until he was outside, he would only go number one in the backyard and would wait until we took him on a walk to go number two. He also became slightly calmer, that is except for when we took off his leash. Once he was potty trained, he never eliminate inside unless he was sick and we were not home.

Puppy Potty Training for Your Sanity

When you first get a puppy, you must potty train him. This is for your sanity and the benefit of the puppy. Sure, it may take a few months to fully train your dog, but those few months will pay off for the next few years. You won't have to worry about your dog leaving little "gifts" for you. It is an automatic instinct to punish your puppy when he has eliminated where he isn't supposed to. With training for both you and your puppy, you will learn how to handle every situation effectively.

Bulldog Care

Bulldog care is a multifaceted activity. There are so many different elements that go into making a bulldog happy and healthy that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Don’t despair–any steps taken towards bulldog awareness and care will be greatly appreciated by the dog in question.

One of the most common problems affecting bulldogs is that of ventilation. Bulldogs don’t sweat like people, and cool themselves down primarily by panting. Such is the way of dogs. Bulldogs, however, are at a disadvantage when compared to most canines. A bulldog’s snout is quite a lot shorter than that of the average dog, leading to less cooling by way of ventilation.

Bulldog Care: Overheating

As such, any program dealing with bulldog care should include a section about overheating. Overheating can be dealt with in a number of ways. One of the best ways to cool off a bulldog is to equip the dog with a dog cooler. These vest-like products provide relief from the heat without actually getting the dog wet.

Of course, if you don’t mind the smell of wet dog, then you can simply use the garden hose. If, however, you’d rather spare yourself the sight and scent of a drenched bulldog, make a dog cooler a part of your bulldog care routine. bandanas are also available that possess similar cooling properties.

Dog Friendly Sarasota Florida

Whether planning a weekend getaway, or week long family vacation, Sarasota, Florida is a perfect escape-from-it-all if you are looking for relaxation, excitement, and enjoyment with your four-legged friends.

Conveniently located on Florida's central west coast, Sarasota provides easy access to other key state-wide destinations, yet offering you the freedom to relax and avoid the hassles of residing in more densely populated tourist towns.

Some of the best beaches in the country are located in the Sarasota region, including Siesta Key Beach and Lido Beach. There are so many wonderful walking trails along the bay front, as well as in the historic districts, making for scenic excursions and enjoyable exercise, while exploring all the eclectic shoppes, galleries, outdoor sculptures, and entertainment.

St. Armand's Circle was definitely a favorite stop during my recent visit. You can easily enjoy an entire day here roaming the pedestrian-and-pet-friendly mall, taking in all of the sights, sounds, and smells of this unique area.

Nightlife in the downtown section of Sarasota offers something for everyone, from Jazz to Reggae, Swing to Symphonies, you can truly dance to the beat of your own drummer. They even offer public drum circles on the beach at sunset, where you may even spot a belly dancer or two reveling in the white sands and cool Gulf breezes.

Dogs love to frolic at the 17th Street Paw Park for some off-leash fun times, or at Bay Front Park where a leash is required. You can also drop by Bird Key Park which is located on the John Ringling Causeway, where your pooch can paddle the surf with you or enjoy a short walk/run along the half-mile waterway bridge.

Sarasota is great if you appreciate nature! Take in the spectacular sights of the area's beautiful botanical gardens, or go bird watching by the bay. Boat cruises and day tours abound, which are lovely for sightseeing or fishing.

See a different, delightful side of Florida; one that accommodates your family, including the fur babies! You will be pleasantly surprised by Sarasota.

Dog Breed – Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is an extremely large, strong dog. Even though they are so large, they are one of the friendliest and gentle breeds. This dog just wants to please their owner. They make great family pets.

The Saint Bernard is a very old breed. It has been around since around the year 1000. It is thought that monks crossed an ancient mastiff with the Great Pyrenees and the Great Dane. In the seventeenth century, this dog was used mainly as a rescue dog in the snow. More than 2,000 people have been saved by the Saint Bernard!

When the dog is used for rescue purposes, they train it to search out missing people and then lick the person and lie next to them in order to provide them with warmth. The dogs travel together, so after they find the person, one of the dogs then goes back to get help. The Saint Bernard has such a strong sense of smell that they have been known to find people buried deep under the snow.

I’m sure it’s obvious to see that the Saint Bernard is very intelligent. They can be trained easily. However, if you own a Saint Bernard, it is very important that you train them at a young age while the dog is still small. They can be hard to manage if they get to be full grown and are not properly trained.

Another interesting fact about the Saint Bernard is that they seem to have a sixth sense. They know when there is danger and also can tell when there are avalanches or storms coming. Nobody knows how they know, but they do. They are great about warning their owners to potential dangers.

Saint Bernards make great family pets. They are very tolerant of children, gentle, friendly, patient, obedient, and loyal. This dog just loves to be with its family and therefore, doesn’t like to be kept outdoors.

If you own this breed, it is important that they get enough exercise. They need a long walk every day and it’s best if you have a yard for them. However, be careful when they are outside because they do not do well in hot weather. This breed is used to being in the snow and does not tolerate heat very well.

The Saint Bernard is a very healthy dog overall, but there are some health problems that you should be aware of if you’re thinking of getting one. They are prone to heart problems, hip dysplasia, skin problems, and twisted stomach.

If you take good care of your dog, he can live to be about ten years old. Just make sure that you train and socialize this breed at a young age. If you do, you will have a fantastic pet and companion.

Dog-Friendly Attractions in Orange County, California

Southern California is full of dog lovers and Orange County is no exception. Wherever you are in Orange County, you will find dog-friendly attractions like shopping centers, beaches, and public parks. Some restaurants even permit your dog to dine with you, offering their own special menu just for canines. Here are a few of the top dog-friendly spots in Orange County, California.

Dog-friendly attractions in Orange County, California: Beaches

No trip to Orange County, California would be complete without a visit to the beach. There are several beaches in the area that permit dogs to run around and play with their owners. Some beaches allow dogs to roam without any restrictions and others limit dogs to the off-peak hours only. Call ahead to find out the regulations at your desired beach before arriving with your dog. Huntington Beach has a specific area sectioned off just for dogs and their owners. Huntington Dog Beach is open from 5:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. daily and covers a mile-long portion of this beautiful Orange County beach. Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California also allows dogs to play freely, even during peak times.

Dog-friendly attractions in Orange County, California: Shopping

Newport Beach, California is the place for dog lovers who wish to bring their pets along for a shopping trip. One of the area's most well-known shopping centers, Fashion Island, has several shops that permit dogs to accompany their owners into the store. Upscale retailers like Bloomingdale's and Macy's welcome pets, along with some of the smaller retail outlets in Fashion Island. There are also outdoor plazas throughout the Fashion Island complex where you can relax and socialize with other customers while your dogs play together.

Dog-friendly attractions in Orange County, California: Restaurants

Orange County, California offers several dog-friendly dining options other than just the restaurants at Newport Beach's Fashion Island. The Park Bench Cafe is a nice spot in the middle of Huntington Beach's Central Park. Take your dog there after enjoying an afternoon at the Huntington Dog Beach and have a meal together. The Park Bench Cafe even has a special menu of dog food and treats for its four-legged customers. The Lazy Dog Cafe on Beach Boulevard offers plenty of outdoor seating for you and your pet. Try the gourmet-style grilled cheese sandwich to sample a tasty local favorite. Free water for dogs is also available at this Orange County dog-friendly restaurant.

Senior Dog Food

Senior dog food is the perfect choice for older dogs: it has the right balance of proteins, fat, and nutrients for dogs at this stage in their lives. Many pet owners are concerned about finding healthy food for dogs, and this is especially critical as dogs get older and their metabolism changes. Feeding your pet senior dog food after they've matured is one of the best ways to ensure his wellbeing and happiness.

Holistic pet foods–foods that take a "big picture" approach to health and nutrition–are more popular than ever. Humans are returning to holistic diets, which emphasize prevention through natural ingredients, and are applying this philosophy to their canine companions. Puppy food, for instance, contains more calories than senior dog food because they need more to help them grow.

What Makes Senior Dog Food Different

The ingredients in senior dog foods are, for the most part, the same as the feed for younger dogs, but the proportions are different. Generally, older dogs are less active than younger ones, and vets recommend a diet with less protein and fat. Some dog food companies include enzymes and vitamins, or reduce the amount of fiber: older dogs are more susceptible to digestive problems, which excess fiber may aggravate.

A lifetime of generic dog food may take its toll on the health of your dog, which may manifest as allergies or more serious medical conditions. It's important to raise your pet on age-appropriate healthy foods starting when they are puppies. When they reach their golden years, you should feed them the best senior dog food you can; it will promote good health while their physical condition becomes the most vulnerable.

Dog Grooming Supplies

There are some very specific dog grooming supplies you will need in order to get started. You can’t groom, or even practice grooming, without supplies such as thinning scissors, curved scissors, or animal clippers. Remember, for their safety, you can’t use the same sorts of scissors and clippers that you would use on yourself! Other items you will need early on include ear hair tweezers and a de-matting tool.


Two Schools on Dog Grooming Supplies

There are two basic schools of thought on purchasing dog grooming supplies. The first is that you should start small. Rather than spending a large amount of money on your tools and supplies to start with, this school of thought leans toward starting off with lower quality, more inexpensive tools, than upgrading and expanding your dog grooming supplies as you earn money and have more capital to invest.

The second school of thought recommends buying the highest quality tools right away. If you are planning on pursuing this career path, or even just as a hobby, these tools will pay for themselves over time. Also, some recommend buying high end first so that you can provide better quality grooming while you are starting and trying to find and keep clients.

So, which option is the right one for you as you plan ahead? Your answer probably depends on how much money you have available now and how long you plan to be a dog groomer. Whichever way you decide, think it through, because dog grooming supplies are an essential part of your business.

Flint River Ranch Food For Dogs

Users say that Flint River Ranch food for dogs meets the highest quality standards in nutrition and freshness. Not only do pets thrive on their dry kibble foods, they also love the taste. Flint River pet foods are made from human grade ingredients that could easily be sold in grocery stores.


Flint River Dog Food Options

Starting out with primary ingredients such as chicken, rice, and lamb, Flint River oven bakes their dry kibble so that it results in high nutritional value, delicious flavor, and digestibility. Baking converts hard-to-digest starches into dextrin which means dogs get as much of the nutritional value as possible from the kibble. All of this is accomplished without any animal byproducts, fillers, chemical preservatives, or dyes.

Offering every kind of dog food from puppy to senior, Flint River has created both kibble and nuggets. While the flavor is the same, some pet owners prefer the harder nuggets as better for their dog's teeth and gums. In addition to their mainstay kibble, Flint River also offers a lamb-millet-rice combination for a change of pace. Fish and chips are nuggets that include added herbs, digestive enzymes, and essential vitamins. Made with trout, ground millet, and herring meal, as well as sweet potato, fish and chips provide a wide range of nutrients for overall health.


Buying Flint River Products

Once pet owners decide to buy Flint River healthy pet food products, they are usually surprised and pleased to find that shipping is free on all orders over nine dollars. Ordering online is simple, and the products are shipped directly to the pet owner's home. Unlike pet foods that sit in warehouses for months and on store shelves for weeks, Flint River products are guaranteed fresh.