Dog Apparel Clothing

Dog apparel clothing isn’t so very different from clothing for people. If you’ve sold fashionable dog clothing before, you’ll understand this concept. When searching through online vendors and catalogs for items you want to stock, look for the same qualities you would when you’re at your local shopping mall.

Ask yourself several questions. Is the item fashionable but not so trendy that it will be too dated to pull out again next season? Is the item easily cared for (i.e., machine or hand washable as opposed to dry clean only)?


Selecting Dog Apparel Clothing to Sell

If you’re able to answer questions like those listed above in the affirmative, the item will most likely sell. Choosing wholesale dog clothing is less of a risk than choosing clothing for people, but if you treat the process in the same way, your store will have functional and fashionable clothing–the best of both worlds.

The same questions we ask ourselves when buying clothes apply to choosing dog apparel clothing. The customer will ask herself if the item is attractive, if it’s stylish, if it’s easy to care for, and whether the price reflects good value. Even if you don’t have experience in buying and marketing dog clothes, you’ve definitely had experience shopping for and buying your own clothes and you should always draw on that experience.