Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas are a great way to give your bulldog that rough-and-ready look that dogs (and their owners) enjoy so much. Whether your dog is a biking aficionado, a big fan of Born in the USA-era Bruce Springsteen, or simply a fashion plate, he or she will get a kick out of wearing a bandana. Not only will your dog’s head be shielded from the sun, but he or she will look great in photographs to boot!

Of course, you might think that dog bandanas are simply too much trouble. Who wants to wrap and unwrap a bandana each time the dog wants to go out on the town? Anyone with such reservations should rest easy. Bandanas designed for dogs are often equipped with velcro on the straps for easy application and removal.

Styles of Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas are very personal items for a dog. Each dog has his or her own distinct personality, as any owner can attest. There are a wide range of bandanas made for every bulldog temperament. If your dog is all about class, then perhaps an understated paisley pattern would be a good choice. For more adventurous canines, bandanas that depict flames are popular options.

For the patriotic pet, only stars and stripes will do. There are also whimsical patterns for the playful dog. No matter the style you choose, make sure to consult with your bulldog before making any purchases!