Dog Grooming Supplies

There are some very specific dog grooming supplies you will need in order to get started. You can’t groom, or even practice grooming, without supplies such as thinning scissors, curved scissors, or animal clippers. Remember, for their safety, you can’t use the same sorts of scissors and clippers that you would use on yourself! Other items you will need early on include ear hair tweezers and a de-matting tool.


Two Schools on Dog Grooming Supplies

There are two basic schools of thought on purchasing dog grooming supplies. The first is that you should start small. Rather than spending a large amount of money on your tools and supplies to start with, this school of thought leans toward starting off with lower quality, more inexpensive tools, than upgrading and expanding your dog grooming supplies as you earn money and have more capital to invest.

The second school of thought recommends buying the highest quality tools right away. If you are planning on pursuing this career path, or even just as a hobby, these tools will pay for themselves over time. Also, some recommend buying high end first so that you can provide better quality grooming while you are starting and trying to find and keep clients.

So, which option is the right one for you as you plan ahead? Your answer probably depends on how much money you have available now and how long you plan to be a dog groomer. Whichever way you decide, think it through, because dog grooming supplies are an essential part of your business.