Dog Skin Irritations

Dog skin irritations can range from the mild to the more serious. Dogs tend to pick up skin irritations as a matter of course. Something about being low to the ground and covered with hair seems to lend itself to minor rashes or bites. Most of these irritations will simply go away on their own.

However, there are more serious versions of such irritations. Dog skin irritations can turn into hot spots. These lesions are very sore and itchy, a fact which leads dogs to claw at them even more. Far from eradicating the lesions, this behavior only makes the problem worse.

The difference between a hot spot and a normal dog skin irritation is the fact that an infection is present when it comes to hot spots. The wound will exhibit all of the traits of an infected sore, including pus and discharge. It will also tend to get worse instead of better over time.

Dealing with Dog Skin Irritations

These dog skin irritations can be treated, but must be done so quickly in order to spare your pet as much suffering as possible. Many products are now made for the treatment of hot spots. Some of these use only all-natural ingredients, making for an effective and healthy cure. Look online for a comprehensive selection of these products. Many sites that sell such products will also offer detailed instructions regarding how best to use them.