Dog Tip #2: Sticky Fur!

Getting gum stuck in hair is never a good thing, even for pets. Especially for those with small children around, you never know what kind of things will end up in your dog (or cats!) coat. Luckily, getting gum out of fur is very similar to getting gum out of human hair. However, some ways aren't safe to use on pets. These techniques are guaranteed to be safe, pet-friendly ways to remove gum (or whatever other sticky things your pet will get into).
1. Peanut Butter

Luckily, one of the most popular and effective ways of removing gum is also very pet-friendly. They key to removing gum with peanut butter is in the oil. Choose a peanut butter with high oil content – usually "smooth" peanut butter is the best.

Use a toothbrush to put the peanut butter on the gum, and work it through. Don't be skimpy; use a good amount to cover the gum. The goal is for the oil in the peanut butter to dissolve the gum, making it easy to pull out. Using the toothbrush will speed up this process. Once the oil starts to soften the gum, use a clean, dry towel to pull off the peanut butter. The gum should be dissolved enough to be pulled off with it.

  1.  Ice

Ice is great in that it has absolutely no chemicals or ingredients that could harm your pet. It is also a very simple process. Simply keep ice on the gum until it is hard enough to break off. Usually, a good 10 – 15 minutes of icing the gum will do the trick.

If neither of the above work, try substituting the peanut butter for cooking oil, eucalyptus oil, or toothpaste. Never use anything with harmful chemicals (such as alcohol, wd-40, etc). Also, be sure to bathe your pet after getting the gum out of the fur, just to ensure that the coat is completely clean!