Dog Training Books

Dog trainers and dog training books are both extremely helpful to new dog owners teaching dog obedience. Resources like these offer a lot of insight into communicating effectively with canines. You learn about your dog's body language and ways to be assertive without being aggressive. Most dog training utilizes knowledge of a canine's natural instincts to be effective.

What You'll Learn from Dog Training Books

If you are a new dog owner, or planning on becoming one shortly, you may wish to enroll in a dog obedience training class. These classes are taught by experienced dog trainers, who teach commands and ways to establish your role as the boss. After learning the basics in a class, you may want to look into dog training books for more help teaching other commands and tricks.

What you'll notice in dog training books is that training relies on a dog's instincts. Dog house training relies on the fact that dogs instinctively like to keep their living areas free of waste. Dog crate training is effective because dogs instinctively control their bowels and bladder when temporarily confined in a small space. Dog training books also teach you how to redirect natural behaviors toward more acceptable outlets.

For instance, dogs naturally enjoy chewing on things out of boredom, to relieve stress, or when they are lonely. Many dog owners leave their dogs home alone and return to find things like shoes, purses, newspapers, or furniture destroyed from dog chewing. However, this behavior can be prevented if you train the dog early on with toys. Keep the dog's living quarters limited to one area in the beginning, offer plenty of toys, and remove property dear to you. Each time the dog chews on the toys, offer him praise and affection. This is how you can eventually redirect behavior and reward him for behavior that satisfies you!