Dog Travel Accessories

Dog travel accessories are essential whether the trip in question is a drive to the supermarket or a flight across the country. The needs for each trip are obviously different, but no matter what kind of trip you embark upon with your trusty sidekick, there will be some planning involved. Bulldogs, while not originally meant for any kind of travel other than the kind done on four legs, can travel comfortably and quietly if given the proper amenities.

If you are planning to take your puppy in the car, one of the dog travel accessories you might want to consider is a harness. While many people simply let their dogs hang out the window and roam around the back seat, many dogs are safer when placed in sturdy harnesses. Make sure the harness comes with a padded strap for optimal comfort and support for your dog.

Dog Travel Accessories on Airplanes

When it comes to air travel with a bulldog, dog travel accessories become all the more important. One of the most important elements is a travel carrier. This carrier must be chosen carefully, both to meet with airline regulations and your bulldog's satisfaction. It should have room for water and movement–you wouldn't want your bulldog to lack for leg room on a long flight, would you?

It's important to include some sort of identification tag on your bulldog's carrier. You might also want to consider booking flights without connections, as direct flights will be easier for your pet to handle. None of us likes to wait while changing planes–and we don't have to wait in carriers!