Human Grade Dog Food

Why should pet owners consider human grade dog foods for their companions? As might be expected, the main reason is the huge difference between the quality of most pet foods and human grade foods. With the obvious goal of a long, healthy life for one's pet, making the choice to feed her human grade foods is the first step.


Major Brand Dog Food Ingredients

Studies and comparisons over the last several years have resulted in growing concerns over the contents of most major brand dog foods and even many premium foods. Packaged pet foods are only a few decades old. They were developed shortly after K-rations were devised so that soldiers could eat reasonably nourishing foods on the battlefield.

Food distributors recognized that what remained after the human grade parts were used would either have to be thrown away or used for another purpose. The concept of using the leftover foodstuffs for pet food was born. Unfortunately, those pieces and parts often include such delectable treats as entrails, the carcasses of animals that died from disease, chicken parts such as beaks and feet, and even euthanized companion pets. Dogs, for example, could be eating dogs.


How to Avoid Those Ingredients

Poor nutrition is not the only factor that results from using most grocery store pet foods. Over the last few decades, the lifespan of the average domestic dog has been reduced by almost ten years. Pets are now getting the same diseases as people, and treatments are costly. Fortunately, there are dozens of quality pet foods available, foods made with human grade ingredients, no dyes or chemical additives, and plenty of what is good for your pet. You can find high quality pet foods, holistic foods, natural foods, healthy vegetarian diets for your pet, and even delicious and nutritional treats for your dog. Shop online, talk to your veterinarian, or go to a pet food store and ask for foods made from human grade ingredients.