Michael Vick: Is He a Criminal for Promoting Dog Fighting?

I don't know why anyone would promote dog fighting? Hang on yes I do for the shear money or strange enjoyment of watching animals rip into each other or even just to watch the blood shed? That is not only criminal but also cruel!

I honestly would not wish that kind of cruelty and treatment on any dog or even human being. What was he thinking? A successful person would not need the money, so I am afraid to think about the things running through his head for why he would promote such a thing which is in my opinion not a sport, not just because the animals do not choose to do it but also because these are animals and should not be compared to the sports that humans devise for themselves.

In general their is a consensus too on whether a human activity will become a sport at all. There is no consensus with dog fighting for a reason. That reason is because it is cruel to the animal and can not be controlled as well as human sports. Even those kinds of sports deserve some scrutiny. Dogs can be the kindest and most gentle creatures but they are dependent on us for the right directions. Those that train them for battles and for attacks are seriously disturbed to want to see that kind of blood shed. You can never glorify it or the death of an innocent dog that could have had the chance to live with care and love.

Perhaps their lives are not as important as some like himself would like to think but I can promise you that the majority of people who can distinguish between wrong and right will disagree with you.