Poodle Grooming

Poodles are a very distinctive breed of dog, and require special poodle grooming. Their owners often choose them because this breed conveys a sense of breeding, class, and refinement, while still being a good family dog. Poodle owners will want a high quality of service from you, as good grooming is a large part of the poodle's lasting appeal.

Poodles are fairly high maintenance canines, in the sense that they need a full poodle grooming treatment about once a month. There are various different styles that fit poodles, and most owners will have a specific preference. There are at least four standard poodle cuts you should be prepared to do, which can go by different names regionally, and you can also create your own distinctive styles. Your training program will most likely go into great detail on each of these.


The Ins and Outs of Poodle Grooming

Many beginning groomers are more than a little intimidated by servicing their first poodle, but there's no need to be. One key item to remember is that poodles have unusually thick coats, so you need to be sure to fully remove all of the undercoat. Failure to do so will result in extensive matting of and damage to the dog's coat.

Another poodle grooming reminder is that their coats are very high maintenance. Owners need to maintain the grooming at least once a week to keep the coat looking good. If a customer asks for a longer style, but you know that the family loves to play outside with this dog, then you might want to recommend a shorter style. That way, the coat stays attractive longer and with less maintenance.