Reasons Why Your Dog Maybe Losing Their Hair

As we all know dogs or cats lose their hair just like any of us. Just because they are an animal doesn't mean they can't have major hair loss problems. Do you know the reason why your dog is losing so much hair? This is the first step you must try to solve. There can be so many reasons why that you really never even thought about. With no answer this will drive you so crazy thinking that there can be something seriously wrong. Here are some reasons maybe why your dog his losing some hair:

  1. If your dog has a seasonal allergy or is allergic to certain chemicals in your home this can cause your dog to become severely itchy, irritated, and cause so much hair-loss to the point of patches missing.
  2. Hormonal diseases such as hypothyroidism or cushion's disease can make your dog lose hair in clumps, just like a human gets when they have this disease.
  3. If your dog is highly allergic to flees or mosquito bites your dog will actually scratch themselves until patches of hair fall out. Make sure you check your dogs tummy and the tail for signs of any little creatures lurking around underneath the hair.
  4. If your dog had any surgeries or anesthesia this can actually make your dog suddenly lose lots of hair. It should go away after a few weeks, but with some dogs it can actually last a lot longer. If they still lose hair have them checked out.
  5. Hair-loss can also be cause by collie-nose, which is a sunburn on a dogs nose where it actually bleeds, peels, and strips the fur around the burnt area causing your dog to lose more hair. Your dog may also have some calluses on their legs, which may not be painful to them, but the dog can lose hair from having them.