Senior Dog Food

Senior dog food is the perfect choice for older dogs: it has the right balance of proteins, fat, and nutrients for dogs at this stage in their lives. Many pet owners are concerned about finding healthy food for dogs, and this is especially critical as dogs get older and their metabolism changes. Feeding your pet senior dog food after they've matured is one of the best ways to ensure his wellbeing and happiness.

Holistic pet foods–foods that take a "big picture" approach to health and nutrition–are more popular than ever. Humans are returning to holistic diets, which emphasize prevention through natural ingredients, and are applying this philosophy to their canine companions. Puppy food, for instance, contains more calories than senior dog food because they need more to help them grow.

What Makes Senior Dog Food Different

The ingredients in senior dog foods are, for the most part, the same as the feed for younger dogs, but the proportions are different. Generally, older dogs are less active than younger ones, and vets recommend a diet with less protein and fat. Some dog food companies include enzymes and vitamins, or reduce the amount of fiber: older dogs are more susceptible to digestive problems, which excess fiber may aggravate.

A lifetime of generic dog food may take its toll on the health of your dog, which may manifest as allergies or more serious medical conditions. It's important to raise your pet on age-appropriate healthy foods starting when they are puppies. When they reach their golden years, you should feed them the best senior dog food you can; it will promote good health while their physical condition becomes the most vulnerable.