The Dog Days of Dog Poems

I would definitely say that we are heading towards the dog days of summer. Therefore, since I love dogs and my family had a dog before I was born, I think that writing poems about dogs in celebration of National Dog Day on August 26th is a creative and perfect way to pay tribute to "man's best friend". Dogs play a large part in people's lives and dogs become a part of the family. Dogs are candids, that's short for canine kids. I have lost two very special dogs within the last two years and I must say that Coco Puff and Precious Bear were dogs worthy of a poem for National Dog Day. Therefore, here is a poem that expresses my feelings of love for them.

C: is for cuddly apricot and white poodle
O: is for her nose that resembled an olive
C: is for the ceramics shop where we got her
O: is for her favorite month, October; she loved pumpkin pie even though she never ate it.

P: is for having the cutest little punim; Yiddush for cute little face.
U: is for under the table She would sit there while we ate dinner.
F: is for all the fun she had with us
F: is French poodle

P: is for precious
R: is for rug Rug was Precious Bear's nickname because she looked like a bear rug when she would lie on the floor.
E: is for eat She wasn't a picky eater,
C: is for cute
I: is for ice cream She loved doggie ice cream
O: is for orange. I wanted to dress her up as a pumpkin for Thanksgiving
U: under the table She always waited for us to drop food at dinner
S: is for smile She brought a smile to my face.

B: is for big
E: is for energetic
A: is for awesome
R: is for ruff