Things to Do with Your Dog During Great Outdoors Month

To enjoy playing outside with your dog he doesn’t have to be a spry puppy, you can have a nine-year-old dog and still have a blast. So this is a little bit of a guide to what to do with the nice summer weather that’s coming up.


Hiking is fun for you and your dog and it’s great for mountain areas, (although I advise you have a younger dog for the mountains). You should bring water and treats for your dog when you go. Places such as Colorado are pretty nice places to go hiking, and it’s easier for you and your dog to go on paved pathways unless you like to make your own.

Or even a simple walk

Not Just the Ordinary Fetch

Though it may seem old school, dogs are never bored of fetch. Although one thing that sometimes turned me off of playing with my dog is a slimy tennis ball but with the chuckit not only is it cleaner it’s even more fun for your dog! Going to a dog park is usually the best idea for trying to play with your dog.


Some places will allow dogs in the pool. If not you can use your own pool. Something that’s pretty fun to do while in the pool is to put squeaky toys in the pool (try to make sure that they float other wise your dog might get hurt while trying to get them). And if you push them around in the pool they really like it.

And if you live by the ocean it really makes their day when you play with them on the sand, although you should probably take them through a calm part of the day.


Some places have dog playgrounds or even some places where they train dogs they’re sometimes open to the public for you to play with your dog. Or even set up your own playground with some skateboard cone or tires to jump through.


I wouldn’t suggest you do this if your dog has a habit of biting people or having very hard kicking paws, but if you have a medium sized dog or a small dog (I wouldn’t suggest it if you have a Mastiff), wrestling on the grass over a dog rope toy or a treat is fun.

Treat Hunt

We may think of this as a little bit of an Easter activity but dogs don’t take it that way. All they see is that they have to search a little for their snacks. Dogs love this kind stuff.