Wiggly Field is a Home Run for Dogs

Opened in 1997, Wiggly Field is a dog park, located at 2645 N. Sheffield, in Reed Keppler Park. It is said to be Chicago’s first official dog park. Wiggly Field has gained local and national fame from several magazines and even on Animal Planet’s show “K-9 to 5”.

The park is open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset, and is a welcome place for all dogs big and small. The area is enclosed by a fence and has double-gated entryways to ensure that dogs inside the area do not run out as others are coming in. There are benches and tables for owners to sit at and watch their pets as they run around and play, and when they go to the bathroom, there are plenty of doggy clean-up bags and trash cans throughout the place. Also, there are doggy water fountains to keep them happy and hydrated, and on hot summer days kiddie pools are brought out for the dogs to cool down in.

The park’s surface is now made of asphalt instead of grass, but there is good reasoning behind it. Even though it might be a little rough on Fido’s paws, it can actually help prevent the spread of bacteria and virus between dogs. At first the park did have grass, but it was soon realized that when it rained and things got muddy, the spread of germs increased. So, eventually the grass was converted over to the hard surface that it has today.

And, don’t forget to pick up your permit before heading out to the park. In order to enter, every dog must go to an approved veterinarian who issues the dog a special collar and tags that need to be worn at Wiggly Field. They must also be up to date on rabies vaccinations.